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The legendary omega replica Speedmaster Pro was selected by way of NASA in the 1960's to be the only chronometer fit enough not to mention reliable enough to be standard issue to our US astronauts. Countless astronauts for the last 50 years have worn this watch. Most historically relevant though are the ones who carried this timepiece on the actual lunar landings. This is why the chrono is now known as the Moon watch.

I'm the stated watch collector here at Bargain Outlet and I have a definite weakness for substantial chronographs such as the omega replica SM. This unique stainless steel beauty adorns the statement -First and Only Watch Worn on the Moon- upon its rear side. It has a 42mm case and uses the 1861 caliber movement. The watch has a depth rating of 50 meters (it's main purpose was for space not diving).

The amazing thing about this watch which is still being produced is that it's actually affordable when comparing it to it's competitors like Rolex, TAG, Breitling and IWC. You may think the omega replica might cost you about as much as some of the other items issued by NASA to the astronauts. Not so...this high quality, well designed chrono and its space heritage may be had for about about half the cost associated with quality competing pieces.

If you're in the market for a new and rugged chronograph with an interesting little back story the omega replica Speedmaster Professional is the ultimate conversation starter.

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