Although CADRA is involved in many different issues as they arise, it routinely follows these important local issues:

These links aim to provide general background and easy access to the relevant guidance.

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We make sure that we are formally included in the Consultations carried out by Reading Borough Council.

The Council website includes lists of all Consultations in each financial year (from 2005 onwards). To view them, or register to receive email updatesThis is a link to an external website and will open in a new window

Petition to Save Christchurch Meadows from Development

Save Christchurch Meadows Campaign


In 2013, Reading Borough Council proposed new commercial leisure facilities on Christchurch Meadows;
you can view the: original consultation leaflet This file is in PDF format and will open in a new window.

Concerns were raised, and the Council undertook to provide a further consultation in 2014 when more detailed plans were available.

Campaigners have launched a petition against any developments on the Meadow, to be presented to the Council's budget meeting late February.

For more information, follow this link: Save Christchurch Meadows PetitionExternal Link.

Caversham Care Community Group

Update - Care Home and environs added to List of Assets of Community Value


The property was added to RBC's: List of Assets of Community ValueExternal Link with an expiry date of 16th September 2016.

Community Action for Caversham Day Care


On the 1st July, Reading Borough Council voted to close the Arthur Clark Care Home and transfer the Albert Road Day Care Services to the Phoenix Day Centre in Tilehurst.

A Caversham community group is being set up with the aim of protecting day care services for the elderly in Caversham. They are urgently seeking supporters and will need a minimum of 21 Caversham residents to support a Community Bid for the Albert Road site, if it becomes available.

For more information and contact details see their leaflet: Adult Care Matters This file is in PDF format and will open in a new window

The Arthur Clark Care Home - Consultation

Update - Arthur Clark Care Home and Albert Road Day Centre to close


On Monday 1st July 2013, Councillors in Reading voted to close the Care Home and the associated Day Centre. Day services and respite care currently provided at Albert Road will be transferred to the Phoenix Day Centre in West Reading.

Update - Petition to be Presented at Reading Borough Council Meeting


The Campaigners report that they have gathered over 3,400 signatures; the issue will therefore be debated at the full council meeting of Reading Borough Council on:
Tuesday 25th June 2013 at 6.30pm, where the petition will be presented.

They would welcome as many campaign supporters as possible to join petitioners outside the Civic Centre from 6pm onwards and also attend the 6.30pm meeting.

The Arthur Clark Care Home, Caversham


The Arthur Clark Care Home in Caversham provides permanent care services for up to 24 frail elderly people as well as two beds for respite care. The building does not meet modern standards and room sizes and facilities do not meet new regulations. It is estimated that upgrading the building would cost around £1 million. Work would need to be carried out in the next 12-18 months to meet new regulations. The home would have to be vacated and the new layout would provide fewer beds and hence an increase in fees.

The Council considers there are other care homes in the Reading area which could provide suitable alternative accommodation, offering better facilities and an equivalent quality of care. To keep unsettling disruption to a minimum, they propose to support Arthur Clark residents and respite users to find suitable alternatives, and then close the Arthur Clark home.

Views from service users and their families are invited. Meetings will be arranged on the Arthur Clark site for residents, their family members and others to give their views on these proposals. All residents will be offered a personal interview to include a friend, a relative to help put their views. On-line responses can be made: on RBC's websiteExternal Link.
The consultation will close on the 14th June 2013.

Families and friends of residents have started a “Save Our Home” campaign and petition. The online version can be found at: Link.


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