How it works

CADRA keeps in touch with Reading Borough Council and has developed a close working relationship with the Licensing Section.

The Licensing Act 2003 means that the local Council issues the licence.  Reading Borough Council licensing meetings are open to the public and anyone who wishes, and gives notice, has the right to speak. Three Councillors, advised by the legal officer, give their decision. If either party is not satisfied then appeal may be made to the Magistrates Court.

The Council may impose conditions on granting the licence.  Should any of these be broken any member of the public is now entitled to bring this to the Licensing Authority's attention and it is possible that the licensed premises can even lose its license.

Contacts and Links

Reading Borough Council is the Licensing Authority. Representation may be made in writing or be email. Written comments, whether they are in support or objecting to an application should be addressed the RBC Licensing Section, Level 4, The Civic Centre.

The email address is:

Guidance on the Licensing Act is available in the: Licensing SectionExternal Link of their website.

The Reading Borough Council Act 2013

On the 10th June 2013, after a consultation, Reading Borough Council passed a resolution adopting the provisions of the Reading Borough Council Act 2013; this gives the Council extra authority to deal with illegal street trading and touting.

The Council has passed two resolutions which have:

  • designated an area in which the size of trolleys used by pedlars will be limited.
  • designated places where touting for various businesses will be prohibited - selling or offering to purchase tickets without the Council's consent will also be an offence under the act i.e. touting and unauthorised street trading.

The "Designated Area 2" and the "Touting Area" both extend out to parts of Lower Caversham e.g. Christchurch Meadows, Hill's Meadow and over Caversham Bridge, up Prospect Street; this legislation should reduce ticket touting for the Reading Festival in this area. Details can be found in the: Licensing SectionExternal Link of their website.


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