2021 Census

19 January 2021

Census Day is Sunday 21 March and the Office of National Stattistics have issued a Leaflet about it.

Monthly Roundup

13 January 2021

CADRA sends an email monthly to all members, keeping them up to date with the main issues covered at our latest monthly committee meeting and other news.

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January 2021


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Archived Monthly Roundups

Current Planning Applications

13 January 2021

Latest Planning Summary

CADRA maintains a summary of the significant local planning applications and appeals which is updated each month. Each application listed provides a direct link the RBC website where plans can be seen and comments sent on line.  Links to the Planning Inspectorate show progress on appeals. Applications in South Oxfordshire  which are significant and close to the border with Reading are also listed.

Thames Parks Vision Statement

11 January 2021

Reading is one of a few  large Thameside towns in having a ribbon of green space, almost entirely free of development, open to the public and with little that is privately owned.  

Although written in 2004, we think Reading Borough Council's Thames Parks Vision Statement is still relevant today. It is a strategy for maintaining and improving this precious public resource, so that it may continue to be enjoyed by as many and as wide a range of people as possible.

Healthwatch Reading - January Newsletter

4 January 2021

Healthwatch Reading, produce regular helpful and interesting information on local health issues. Their latest Newsletter includes a very good Guide to using local health and care services as lockdown eases, which you may find helpful.

Ask the Police - Answers to Your Questions by the Police

8 December 2020

Ask the Police is an official police resource that provides Q&A's to a wide variety of the general public's most frequently asked policing questions. It offers an alternative online option, reducing calls to the police, freeing up resources and saving money. 

These other Police links may help you understand when and how to contact them:

Contact the Police

Ask the Police: What is 101 and when should it be used?

Ask the Police:  What do the police class as an emergency/when should I call 999?

WWI - Remembering the street where they lived

13 November 2020

A Street Near You provides a permanent reminder of how WWI affected every community accross the country. By searching your own local streets, you will find the names of all those who gave their lives in the 1914-18 world war.

Reading Police Area Winter Burglary Campaign’s Advice

6 November 2020

As the evenings get darker this is a gentle reminder about protecting your property in the winter from Reading Priority Crime Team and Reading Neighbourhood Policing Teams:

Mark Your Property to Deter Burglers

Control Access with Doors You can Trust

Government Consultation on Sweeping Changes to the Planning System

3 November 2020

The Government has launched a public consultation on proposals to make major changes to the UK planning system. Their objective is to simplify and speed-up the way planning permission is granted. A key proposal would see all land categorised for development as: Growth, Renewal or Protected. On adoption of a local authority's Local Plan, Growth areas will automatically receive outline planning permission.

As well as CADRA's response to the  consultation, other organisations have commented.

Civic Voice, a national charity for the civic movement in England, whose aim is to make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive, and promote civic pride, have produced a useful Briefing Paper on the proposals. 

Reading Borough Council Planning Committee will discuss the Council's Response to the Government's proposals at their 7 September Meeting.

Here are two Government papers about the their proposals. 

Planning for the future - White Paper

Planning for the Future: planning policy changes in England in 2020 and future reforms

The consultation closes on the 29 October.

Council Ward Boundary Changes Final Recommendations

30 September 2020

Following the second consultation which closed in July, the Local Government Boundary Commission has now issued its Final Report. Subject to parliamentary approval, this will be implemented for the 2022 local elections. It shows four wards for North Reading: Caversham Heights, Emmer Green, Caversham and Thames which spans the river, taking in part of Lower Caversham and extending to parts of New Town. The boundaries shown are the same as those in the draft recommendation except for a change to Caversham Ward which now includes St Peters Church, Caversham Court and the main Caversham Centre. CADRA and Friends of Caversham Court Gardens requested that these should not be split across Ward Boundaries. With two additional Councillors for Reading, the changes produce 16 wards, each with three Councillors and a similar number of electors. At present Mapledurham Ward is smaller with only one Councillor. Click the maps to see it at full size.

North Reading Neighbourhood Policing Team - Have Your Say Meeting

21 September 2020

The North Reading Neighbourhood Policing Team will be holding a Have Your Say meeting on: Friday 25 September 2020, at the Milestone Centre, Caversham Park Village from 7-8pm. The Team say "Come along and meet the team and discuss and crime related issues or concerns you may have".

Reading Police Area Summer Burglary Campaign’s Advice on keeping you and your property safe

10 September 2020

Please be aware that Rogue Traders are currently operating in Caversham and are targetting elderly residents.  They may claim to work for the Council or a named firm and will urge people into unnecessary and costly repairs.

Reading Priority Crime & Neighbourhood Policing  have provided useful advice about Keeping Your Homes, Gardens and Property Secure.

Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter September

10 September 2020

North Reading Newsletter September

RBC Local Transport Strategy - CADRA's Response

6 August 2020

Reading Borough Council's  Transport Strategy 2036 makes some radical proposals, including three new Park and Ride sites north of Caversham, linked by an outer orbital route joining the Woodcote, Peppard and Henley Roads, and onto other Park and Rides south of the river, subject to the building of a third Thames bridge. 

After much careful consideration the CADRA Committee has completed it's response and these are our Comments.

The Council's Consultation  is open to all and closes on the 30 August 2020.