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15 March 2015




Emmer Green

We actively welcome members from Emmer Green. Membership is just £3 a year for the household and you can Join Online.  We are keen to link with organisations and individuals committed to Emmer Green.

Emmer Green Residents' Association

In March 2022, after nearly 40 years, the Emmer Green Residents' Association (EGRA) was disbanded. A History of the Organisation was published in The Caversham Bridge.

CADRA worked closely with EGRA, collaborating on many issues. The CADRA remit is now extended to include Emmer Green, particularly on planning issues and the CADRA team now includes members who live in Emmer Green.

In this website you will find illustrated reports of the many Projects completed by the Emmer Green Residents Association and sources of information on the History of Emmer Green. Thanks are due all to the members of the EGRA team who worked hard to look after their area. The EGRA archive is being handed to the Royal Berkshire Archives and we expect online links to be available later in 2023.